Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear Next Boyfriend,


"Do not marry your fortunes to anyone unless they are willing to be your devoted, synergistic warrior as much as you are willing to be their devoted, synergistic warrior"- Rob Brezny

Yes, yes, and yes.

I want enthusiasm. Excitement. An overload of overjoyed. I want cant sleep wont sleep dont sleep, red, blurred eyes, conversations that go on for days. that veer and rollercoaster between dimensions and diversions and dreams and desires and planes of reality. Jokes and looks and dances in the street, in our sleep, a dueling two step, two step one and two one and...
I want us to think of one another in a context beyond one another.
Can't we be kind? Can't we be generous? Can't we avoid dissolving into lies and deceit and single minded self interest? Can't our ideals be actions?
Can't we talk?
I want us to be paying attention. To notice. To hold a hand when we see it wants holding. Can't we be equals? Can't we be partners?
Can't we be devoted synergistic warriors?

(Cause.. um, I've already got the warrior sword...)


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U. said...

Sorry I'm as much fun as a barrel of monkeys in formaldehyde. I have a rich inner life but it looks like a fucking Bosch painting.