Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dear Next Boyfriend (the Valentine, Pt. 1)

I have been told, DNB, that my tone with you is, more often than not, harsh/cold/ a nut shell: mean. I'm sure if you studied the exit polls of my exiting exes, you might find that a common thread. BUT! The goal is always, ever, evolution and progress to a better state of being. And truly, DNB, it was never my intention to steer ya wrong with my tone, shuga.

So with that in mind, The Valentine (Part One):

I may never make you tea. The tea all the hip kids with their delicate coy sentiments stirred in seem so enamored of, we may never share acuppa.
I will, however, brew strong coffee in a cracked french press at 3am, or smother it with that gas station creamer that reminds us of cancer at dawn on long car rides, or lace it liberal with whiskey for our late night walks home.
That, my pet, is a promise.


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